We offer a variety of diverse filming services from Live Bands, Music video clips, Parties, Weddings, Boudoir Video, Business Promotional Videos furthermore Kids occasions. On the off chance that you require an administration which is not recorded, please get in touch with us for a quote.

We at Videography Services India pride ourselves on our fabulous client Services and endeavor to meet our customers needs at a focused cost.


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Advertisement Video - Pratik Chawan Photography and Films

The most renowned type of video in the marketing field. These videos are about a product and it shows its user the advantage of using the product or service. These videos can be used to broadcast on National and International TV Channels, Local area Channels and more over it can also be shared on social media sites.

Short Documentary Type of Videos - Pratik Photography, Navi Mumbai

These are short and precise types of videos. These types of videos are very popular in the market. These videos need extensive research and paper works are to be done get exclusive footages. End of the day, all the hassles are worth it. These videos give its viewers an indepth view of a subject or a topic. Companies can get these videos prepared to share what they have gone through to achieve the final product.

Wedding Video - Pratik Chawan Photography and Films

Do we need to say anything about this? Pratik Photography is known for its Wedding Videography, simply hire us and relax, enjoy.o.

Travel Video - Pratik Chawan Photography and Films

Travel Videos are the most difficult for the traveler. How would the traveller shoot himself with all the fun and memories he had during the travelling. Let our photographer capture you bathing in River Ganga, Feeding Pigeons at Dadar Kabutarkhana and other memories alike. We let you travel free, free from technology, free from gadgets, free from fear from losing your costly camera and other equipment.

Real Estate Video - Pratik Chawan Photography and Films

Well, before selling your property why not sell its advantages and features to prospective buyers, this intern promotes your property and makes it easy to sell. Tell the buyers, why they need to purchase this property. Posting pictures does not help these days, people cannot visualize your property from the pictures

Product Demonstration Video - Pratik Chawan Photography and Films

Why not launch your product with a demonstration video where in your audience have an ease to use the product and a product which is easy to use will definitely have larger word of mouth publicity, this will also act as a publicity tool for your product or brand.

Music Videos - Pratik Chawan Photography and Films

Launching a new song? Get a music video made out of it, why waste money on hiring actors and actresses to dance on your video, cameras to shoot those events, manage crowd to get perfect clips. These video help you cut down the costing as well as viewers get to see how fun was the recording of the song. No doubt shooting a video song with actors and actresses also an awesome way to grab attention and bring glamour to your video

Event Videography - Pratik Chawan Photography and Films

Awww, one of your memorable events, you would definitely want to concentrate on it, rather than clicking random pictures? Let Pratik Photography handle the photography and videography. You will always get the cream of the event served at your doorstep..

Educational Video or E-Learning Videos - Pratik Chawan Photography and Films

E-learning also known as Educational Videos in this competitive world of education are considered to be the best form of learning resource for the kids. It is somewhat rightly said visual remain in memory for lifetime and audios fade after a period of time. For eg: You might still remember an episode of Tom and Jerry episode you watched in 1990 but you might not recollect a talk that simply happened a day or two back

Corporate Video - Pratik Chawan Photography and Films

Another latest trend amongst the corporates. Putting up photos and videos on your websites shot with different mobiles or digicams by your employees are from the days of past. Companies prefer capturing those proud moments and events by a professional cinematographers. All those coughs, pauses. technical glitches in between the events are clipped, removed and edited to make sure the viewer does not get distracted from actual content.

Client Testimonial Video - Pratik Chawan Photography and Films

Let your website be full of these kind of videos. These videos helps your prospective clients build trust for you. They will be pretty much proud to be associated with you because your earlier clients were also proud of working with you. Clients share their experiences about working with you.

Animated Explainer Videos - Pratik Chawan Photography and Films

These types of videos have an advantage over other types of visual communications reason being these are animated and help you grab the attention of the user. These type of Animated videos can be used to promote your products or anything that needs viewers attention amidst lots of other videos..